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Very important. The schedule for events, services or entrance tickets to shows included in any of the packs of Renfe Viajes Ocio are INDEPENDENT to the train schedule.

REMEMBER. Set a date and time in between the departure and the return train, to avoid complications!.

Not Renfe nor Viajes Reina take responsabilities for the lost of the trip because of the previously pointed. .


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condiciones generales tren hotel renfe


These conditions are applicable to all the direct or indirect services (through the retailers) available online, by email or phone. By accessing, navigating and using our website and/or finalizing a reservation, you recognize and accept reading, understanding and agreeing with these terms and conditions shown below, without the necessity of conventional signature. These conditions, its content, structure, infrastructure and the train + hotel booking service provided through this website belong and are managed by Viajes Reina S.L. (from now on, Viajes Reina), that sets to your disposal through the URL: (from now on, the website); therefore we ask you to closely read the following clauses before continuing with the purchase process.


Viajes Reina registered office is at Cañada de Alfares 3, bis. 45600 Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), and it’s inscribed in the Toledo’s Merchant Record, Page 27, Volume 775 of Societies, page number TO-11, 669, Inscription 1st, phone number 918280012 and email: Viajes Reina is a merchant entity whose main activity consists in the mediation &/or organization exercise of tourist services for which they have the necessary licenses granted by the Government of Castilla la Mancha.


By finalizing each purchase process the customer is automatically sent an email as a justification and summary of the requested product but it will only become a successful booking when the customer is sent a confirmation email of the requested product or the alternative in the case it were not possible confirm at all terms the requested product. The electronic documents that formalize the booking, will remain filed by Viajes Reina and referred to the email account given by the client during the purchase process in order to receive notifications. All the documentation will be accessible to the client from his email. In order to be able to finalize any purchase in the Train + Hotel service the client must accept the present Booking Conditions. There were any doubt or objection about these conditions, you can contact Viajes Reina through customer service. In any case, you will have access to these Conditions previous to any purchase process, and you will be able to store &/or reproduce them in any lasting support by the usage of the “Print” button found at the end of the present document. Moreover, we inform you that the Client’s purchase or reservation of services through the website of those suppliers of transport and lodging will be subject to the specific terms and conditions established by the supplier for such case.


The services at Trenmashotel are subject to their own conditions. This product is indivisible. The cancelation of one of the services will suppose the cancellation of the rest and the application of such expenses.



Passenger transport service conditions govern the contractual relationship between Renfe Operadora and its passengers and are referred, among others, to the following matters:
- Services provision
- Transport titles
- Passengers’ rights and obligations
- Renfe Operadora’s responsibilities
- Complementary services (where applicable) Specific conditions of each of our national passenger transport services, classified according to the type of service to which they relate:
- High speed / Long distance
- Medium distance
- Passengers’ rights and obligations
- Renfe Operadora’s responsibilities
- Complementary services (where applicable) General terms of passenger transport services contracts in high speed trains, long distance and medium distance of Renfe Operadora’s company.


By accepting the conditions of this reservation at, you are implicitly accepting the conditions for the service provision by Renfe Operadora, established in their portal, including the conditions for changes and cancellations.


The information shown is based on the details provided by the establishments. The establishments have access to an extranet by means of which they accept full responsibility for updating the prices, availability and other information shown on our website. Although we endeavor to ensure that our service is as accurate as possible, we cannot verify or guarantee that all the information is accurate, complete or correct. Nor do we accept responsibility for any errors (such as typographical or other manifest errors), disruptions (due to temporary and/or partial server outages or repairs, updates and maintenance of our website, or other reasons), inaccurate, misleading or false information, or missing information. The establishment shall at all time be responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information (regarding descriptions and rates and availability) shown on our website. Our website does not constitute and should not be deemed to recommend or promote the quality, level of service, (star) rating or classification of any available establishment.


As a general rule, rooms may be used from 14:00 on the arrival date and must be vacated before 12:00 on the departure date. In order to avoid any problems or incidents which it may be difficult for the operator to resolve, users who anticipate arriving at the booked hotel or apartment on dates or at times other than those indicated above shall notify the establishment directly, or the Agency,of this circumstanceas far in advance as possible. The hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking if you do not arrive within the check-in times or on the day following the confirmed entry date.

4.2.2 PETS

When making the booking, please check with the Organising Agency as to whether it is possible to take your pets with you, as they are generally not allowed in hotels and apartments.

4.2.3 RATES

For some rate (non-refundable) or special offers, the establishment may require that the payment is made in advance by bank transfer (if possible) or by credit card. In such a case your credit card may be pre-authorized or a charge may be made once the booking has been completed (sometimes non-refundable). Please read the information on the room carefully to find out about any special conditions before you make the booking.


Beverages in half and full-board accommodation, nor the city taxes in the cities where it’s applicable, nor extras such as (enunciatively and not limited to): phone calls, laundry services, minibar, parking, cots…


Children under 5 share bed with adults. Any request for an extra bed or cot shall be paid for, unless it is specified that the service in question is provided by the hotel at no cost. Waivers and discounts shall always be deemed applicable when children share a room with 2 adults, on an accommodation-only basis.

4.2.6 COTS

In the case of need of this service, please notify it in the moment of making your booking, since hotels have a limited stock of cots. This service shall be paid for directly at the hotel, in the same way as any other extra, unless it is specifically specified that the service in question is provided by the hotel at no cost. Please verify the confirmation and availability of the cot with the customer service department or the hotel itself.


The general rule is that multiple rooms are formed by adapting double rooms + fold-down chairs. The exception to this will be if the multiple room has as many beds as the permitted occupancy (4 people = 2 standard beds + 2 extra beds), without this changing the fact that the room is allocated as a triple or quadruple room. Please check the applicable supplement for an extra bed occupied by an adult, as this supplement will vary in different hotels. Not all hotels have extra beds, therefore we recommend checking availability before you make the booking.


By making a booking at an establishment, you accept its cancellation and no-show conditions, as well as any other additional terms and conditions (delivery) of the establishment which could affect your booking or your stay. This includes the services and/or products offered by the establishment (check terms and conditions of delivery at the establishment itself). The general cancellation and no-show conditions of each establishment are available on our website, on the pages providing information on the establishment, as well as during the booking process and in the confirmation email. Bear in mind that some rates or special offers do not permit any changes or cancellations. Please bear in mind that a booking which requires a deposit or advance payment (in full or in part) may be cancelled (without the need for prior notice), If (the remaining) outstanding amounts due are not paid on the required date, inaccordance with the establishment’s payment conditions and the booking conditions. Any delays in payment, incorrect bank, credit or debit card details, invalid credit or debit cards or cards with an insufficient balance shall be your responsibility and it is possible that you might not be entitled to a refund of the advance payment (in the case of non-refundable accommodation) if any of these situations should arise, unless the establishment accepts or permits this in their cancellation and advance payment conditions. If you wish to review, change or cancel your hotel booking, please check the confirmation email from the booking office and follow the instructions provided. Bear in mind that the cancellation feesmay be applicable according to the establishment’s cancellation, (advance) payment and no-show conditions and that you might not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid (in advance). We recommend that you read the conditions in question carefully before making the booking and remember to make any subsequent payment on time as they might be required for the booking.


By accepting these conditions, the customer expressly declares that he/she is familiar with and will meet the applicable health requirements, as well as government entry and exit documentation and other requirements. This information is provided by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its website Without exception, all customers (including children) shall have their respective personal and family documentation in order, be it a passport or ID card, in accordance with the laws of the country or countries being visited. When required by the journey in question, customers will be responsible for obtaining visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. If any authority should refuse to grant a visa, for reasons attributable to the customer, or they are denied entry to a country because they do not meet the necessary requirements or due to not having the required documentation or not carrying such documentation, Viajes Reina shall not accept any liability for occurrences of this nature. The consumer shall bear any costs incurred, and the conditions and rules established for the voluntary withdrawal of services shall be applicable in these circumstances. All customers are also reminded, and in particular those who are not Spanish citizens, that before setting off on their journey they must ensure that they meet all the applicable visa rules and requirements in order to be able to enter all the countries to be visited without any problems. Those under the age of 18 must have written permission signed by their parents or guardians, as it may be requested by the authorities.


It’s imperative you don’t make mistakes when setting the date, time, name of passengers, or the data relative to your reservation in the moment of facilitating us this information, since in many cases the tickets are emitted automatically and any change may suppose the total loss of the original rate and expenses. Anyhow, if you were to generate any booking with mistaken information we suggest you proceed the following way: On the train services part: contact as soon as possible with Viajes Reina within the opening hours in order to receive professional attention. It will only be possible to provide help regarding wrong information up to 24 hours previous to the train departure. Regarding the accommodation services: send us an email from the account you receive the confirmation once your purchase process is finalized by answering the confirmation email itself; or contact us by emailing to the account shown at “customer service” located in the right corner of the site; or call us to 902882893 in order for us to be able to manage the proper arrangements, within the opening hours, and reduce the most the expenses of a possible cancellation, when possible. For complaints and claims past the services date:


The website will be sending you the correspondent documentation regarding the contracted services within the Trenmashotel modality. Documentation sending will be effective from the email address ; which is a managing account that does not receive emails, so if you were to send any response to that account we would not be receiving it. Therefore, we politely ask you that any communication regarding your reservation is made through the proper ways for communication within the mail voucher of services you will receive or by contacting our website customer service. Also you will be sent an electronic voucher of the booked services where it will be indicated the transport locator given also the accommodation voucher. Remember you must print both the transport tickets and the voucher and keep both of them in case train inspectors mean a possible revision of the documentation, both going and return. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email of hotel services. IF YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING ANY EMAILWITH YOUR DOCUMENTATION WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE RESERVATION, SEND A MESSAGE TO OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Trenmashotel service price includes the following concepts:
- Roundtrip transportation
- Accommodations &/or boarding method according to each case.
- All other services and complements specified.
- Indirect taxes (VAT, I.G.I.C.)
- It will only be consider included in the price the contracted services expressly detailed in the reservation sheet, program of the trip and travel documentation The price of Trenmashotel service does not include the following:
- Beverages on half and full board at accommodation establishments
- Transportation of any kind, and concretely from the origin location of the passenger to the departure city of the transport contracted and vice versa
- City taxes: the main reason for this tourist tax is the contribution to the payment of municipal services offered by the city and the tourist also enjoy. City taxes are not part of hotel fees, it is a municipal tax and for that reason are paid straight at the destination hotel.
- Extras such as coffee, wine, liquors, mineral water, special boarding method, washing and clothes ironing, optional hotel services.


When booking from the website you will receive two charges if you chose the choice with payment at destiny: one corresponding the administration fees of the travel agency and insurance if you booked it, along with the train tickets; and other regarding the hotel, straight from the establishment. If your hotel choice does not allow payment at destination / direct payment, the charge would be equivalent to all the previous concepts. Trenmashotel allows credit/debit card payment.
- Debit / credit card: At the moment of proceeding with the purchase it will be required every information regarding the card you are going to pay with. In any case the card number is required as a guarantee even if it’s not used. The payment by the user will be effective through the Travel Agency if that’s your chosen method, or payment at the hotel if indicated in the website and allowed by the establishment. In that case, your credit card can be pre-authorized or charged (sometimes without refund possibility) once the reservation has gone through. Please, check carefully the room information in order to acknowledge the special conditions before finalizing the booking process. Viajes Reina reserves the right to manage this kind of actions when it’s considered necessary and always in benefit of the operation’s final result. Viajes Reina may require the send by the client’s part of payer express authorization and a legible copy of the card and the client’s national identity document or passport of the holder in the following cases:
- When the total amount of the confirmed reservation is equal or superior to 1.000€ (euros)
- When the holder of the credit card used as a mean of payment is other than the traveler’s name
- Other that Viajes Reina may consider necessary. Viajes Reina reserves the right of NO EMISSION of services requested in case of not reception of such documentation. IMPORTANT NOTE:
- The payment card is a GUARANTEE, therefore the hotel may use it in order to charge the expenses of the first night in the following cases: cancellation of the reservation or no show at the hotel, the same day of the reservation start, unless the terms of cancellation indicate other time limit.
- Viajes Reina will use the card information in order to charge the managing expenses in case of cancellation or modification.
- On the non-refundable rates: the hotel will exceptionally charge the whole amount of the accommodation costs, when the confirmation is through.


Trenmashotel informs you about the possibility of an optional insurance that may cover the cancellation fees &/or an assistance insurance that may cover the expenses in case of loss or damage of the luggage, accident, sickness, repatriation or deceasing at destination. Viajes Reina offers a cancellation and assistance insurance with the company EUROP ASSISTANCE ESPAÑA, S.A. Consult with us the coverings, from the website or through one of our agents at the phone number 91 828 00 12. The cancellation/assistance insurance allows you to retrieve the money of such incidences covered by the policy. We recommend you contract this insurance and reviewing the conditions associated. The booking of the insurance will be effective the moment there is a reserve confirmation; from that moment on there won’t be a refund of the costs of the contracted insurance. The insurance coverings are meant to cover the expenses produced by voluntary cancellation of the booked trip by the client, so the invoiced amount of such policy will bear in the booking moment, either its effectively used or not.


Custody of the luggage and other client’s personal items are not part of the trip’s contract. Understood, regarding terrestrial transport and on every effect that the client keeps it along with himself wherever the part of the vehicle its located on and, the transport is by means and at the client’s own risk, without Viajes Reina being obliged to answer to the loss, steal, or damages there may be suffered by the luggage during the trip by any cause. In the supposed of suffering any damage or loss its recommended to present, in the very moment, the correspondent claim form to the transport company.


In those cases the client, once tickets are emitted and bookings were made with the corresponding accommodation services, wish to modify anything regarding the contracted, they must be aware of the days remaining to the service start. Regarding modification of transport services: the services will be subject to operator conditions according to the booked rate and informed at . It will only be possible to be managed at Viajes Reina within 24 hours previous of train departure. Regarding changes and cancellations requested by the customer and allowed by the applied rate, a management rate will be charged by each ticket, additional to RENFE expenses. Management of changes and cancellations: 15€. Regarding the accommodation modification request: all the establishments count with their own particular cancelation policies, you will be able to consult each one before finalizing your reservation. If modification were allowed, Viajes Reina will manage the process of modification applying the pertinent management expenses and the correspondent rate variation. There are hotels whose rates are non-refundable since the booking moment. You will be able to consult such conditions before finalizing your reservation. Every cancelation / modification will be summited through Viajes Reina. You will be able to contact Viajes Reina for free from the web’s customer service apart, through the response email of the reserve communications in the apart “click here”, or by phone at 91 828 00 12, in the open office hours (9:00h to 19:30h, Monday to Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00h, except festivities). In order to be valid, the cancellations &/or modifications must be received within the indicated office hours, otherwise, the cancellation or modification date will be effective starting the next working date. In the case you are a no show at the date of the trip departure, you will be obligated to cover the rest of the costs of the trip, paying, in each case, the due amount. APPLICABLE LEGISLATION AND JURY The present conditions are written in Spanish and will be interpreted and governed by the lays of Spanish Kingdom. The parts agree to submit the disagreements that may come in the appliance of such contract to the Courts of Madrid, always when it were legally possible. If you are contracting as consumer/user, the competent court to rule the discrepancies will be those established according to consume normative art. 90.2 RDL 1/2007 CUSTOMER SERVICE As a registered user, you will be able to request the resolution of every claim or incidence wish to be set regarding the service provided by Viajes Reina. For that, you will have to put into Viajes Reina’s knowledge, freely from the customer service web’s apart, the given email for the post-sale service in the apart 6 of this document, the reason of your suggestion or claim and contribute with information of your identity on claimer quality. Once received the claim, Viajes Reina will proceed to the study and answer of such within the effective time limit established in the current law.


On the company’s name we treat the information supplied by the clients in order to provide and bill the booked service. The information provided will be stored while the commercial relationship lasts or during the necessary years to comply with the legal obligations. The customer’s data will not be ceded to third parties except the cases a legal obligation exists. You have the right to obtain a confirmation wether VIAJES REINA S.L is treating your personal data; therefore you have the right to access your personal data, rectify the inexact information or request the suppression when the data is no longer necessary.

Likewise, we request your authorization to offer you product and services related to the ones already requested and maintaining you as a client.

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By using the services of managed by Viajes Reina, you will enter into a contract directly with Viajes Reina, without the intervention of Renfe Viajeros, and you will be bound only to its general conditions of contract.

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